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Our Principal

Dr. Arthur Alard
Principal ICBM

Dr. Arthur John Alard was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He served as a youth leader at Parkwood Baptist Church in Cape Town from 1998-2003. He started his seminary career at Cape Town Baptist Seminary (CTBS) in 2002. After completing one and a half years at CTBS he transferred his studies to Carver Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies in 2006. He obtained his Master of Theology (ThM) degree (Academic Ministries in Biblical Counselling) from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 2010. The title of his ThM thesis is "An evaluation of truth and reconciliation principles and practices in selected churches in South Africa." He obtained his PhD in Theology with Pastoral Studies from North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa in 2020. The title of his PhD dissertation is "The leadership role of the man in context of the family and church: a pastoral-theological study." Arthur is married to Dr. Olga Alard (MD, ThM) and they have a son, Pavel, affectionately known as Pasha. He and his wife have been serving with Entrust as full-time missionaries in South Africa since 2010. Arthur and his family are fellowshipping at Weltevreden Chapel since 2016. Arthur served as the assistant national director for More than a Mile Deep South Africa (MMD-SA) in Johannesburg, Gauteng from January 2011, as the national director for MMD-SA from January 2012 - May 2013, as the principal at Alathea Bible College in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga from June 2013 - June 2016, as Acting Academic Dean at International College of Bible and Missions (ICBM) in Roodepoort, Gauteng from July 2016 – September2019. He has served as the Principal at ICBM since January 2017.

Specializations and Interests

Pastoral studies, biblical counselling, marriage and family ministry, Christian ethics.


Alard, A.J. & Freeks, F.E. 2020. The leadership role of the man in context of family and church: a quantitative study. Pharos Journal of Theology, Vol. 101:1-21. Online at Pharos Journal of Theology

Alard, A.J. & Freeks, F.E. 2021. An emphasis on the leadership role of the man in context of family and church in a post-pandemic era:  A qualitative analysis. Pharos Journal of Theology, Vol. 102:1-21.

Conferences and Presentations

Alard, A.J. & Freeks, F.E. 2021. The imperative leadership role of the man in context of family and church in a post-pandemic era:  practical solutions recommended for Christian men in context of family and church. A paper presented at the 2021 conference of the Society of Practical Theology in South Africa, UKZN - Virtual conference, February 2021.

Freeks, F.E. & Alard, A.J. 2021. Fractured families are predominantly the result of destructive fatherhood, father absence, un-involvement and unavailable fathers: Reconstructing the role of fathers through the Fatherhood of God with biblical values to transform affected families. A paper presented at the 2021 We are Family Conference at the Gender Unit, Stellenbosch University: Hybrid Virtual conference, 2-3 November 2021.