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What You’ll Learn

Connect with God through the scripture

The greatest blessing that we can experience is being connected to God. In this module, you will learn how to connect to God through the scripture and mine the treasures of wisdom the Bible contains.

Become like Jesus as you know Him more

God wrote the scripture to transform our lives as we know Him more. As you study the scripture, you will meet Jesus and become more like Him as He transforms your mind, heart, and hands.

Learn to study the entire Bible

You will learn how to study individual verses, paragraphs, sections, and even entire books. By the end of the module, you will be able to study each passage in context to find the larger meaning.

Module Lesson Plan


Studying a Verse

When we study the Bible, we should try to discover what the author wished to communicate to the original audience. Discovering this message can be difficult at times. People wrote the Bible thousands of years ago in a different part of the world, in a different culture, and in a different language. Because of these differences, it can be easy to make mistakes if we do not carefully look at the scripture. In this first lesson, you will learn to study individual verses, paying careful attention to learn what the Bible says.


Studying a Paragraph

After we learn to study each verse, we will move on to learning to study a paragraph. When we study the Bible, we must remember that God used a particular author writing to a particular group of people to communicate with us. This means we cannot simply move from what the text says to our lives. We must first understand what it meant to the original audience (observations), then understand the universal truth (interpretation), then we can apply the truth to our lives and the lives of others (application).


Studying a Section

Now that you have mastered verses and paragraphs, you can move on to studying whole sections or chapters. When studying chapters, we move from thinking about grammar to thinking about literary forms. We want to focus on the whole and not the details.


Studying a Book

We struggle to appreciate a picture when we cannot see the whole. When only looking at small parts of the Bible and not considering the larger picture, we miss out on the major message God wants us to hear. If we do not understand how the parts relate to the whole, we can misunderstand the purpose of the part and can miss the value of what we see.


Putting it all Together

We have examined how to study a verse, paragraph, section, and book of the Bible. We approach studying different sizes of passages differently. Many find it easier to study smaller passages. These small passages help us understand the larger themes as we see them together. However, we cannot study verses, phrases, or words in isolation. The context (paragraph, section, book, and entire Bible) affects what the smaller passages mean. To understand, we must study at each level and take all that information into account.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to connect to God through Scripture? Do you want to learn how to study the entire Bible from individual verses to whole books? Do you want to become more like Christ as you come to know Him more? Visit our Admissions page to learn more about how you can join us at ICBM!