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Sharpen your Bible Study and Teaching Skills through our Bible Training

Are you a church leader who wants to grow in your Bible study and teaching skills? We're now offering a new Bible Training class for all ministry leaders (deacons, pastors, Sunday school teachers, elders). When you sign up for this training, ICBM's faculty will come to your church, and we will encourage each other and sharpen our Bible study and teaching skills together. The first book we will study is the book of Jonah.

The Training will have Three Aspects:Dig, Do, Demonstrate


Dig and Discover

We will introduce Bible study and hermeneutical principles and then work through the passage together using them. This will allow us to learn from one another as we dig into God’s word and discover his truth together. Each meeting will have a “dig and discover” session. Some sessions will include a “do” or “demonstrate” session as well.



In future lessons, two people will come with teaching or sermon outlines covering the major parts of a passage. We will compare their outlines and discuss their approaches to learn from them. We will also offer feedback and encouragement.



Toward the end of the book, a person will teach or preach a short lesson from a section of the book to demonstrate what it could look like to teach this passage following what we have learned. This should be an encouraging time where we can enjoy seeing the passage we studied being taught. This time will be followed with a discussion analyzing what we really liked about the lesson and offering feedback and ideas to strengthen the lesson more.

Join us for a Time of Encouragement and Bible Study in ourBible Training Class

A member of ICBM's faculty

We will Provide:

  • One or two lecturers to facilitate the group
  • A free pdf of a small book on hermeneutical principles

Host will Provide:

  • Light snacks and drinks
  • A white board and markers
A class studying their Bible together
A teaching giving a lecture at ICBM

Time and Cost:

  • Proposed time: The training on Jonah will consist of seven 2 hour sessions. Contact ICBM to discuss times that would work for your church or ministry.
  • Cost:  The first session is free for people to “taste and see” the training. To sign up for the remaining 6 sessions the cost will be R300 per person.

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